Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Graphic video of Boko Haram members killed after attack in Konduga

Check out this video of Boko Haram members who died after Nigerian soldiers attacked them in Konduga on 12th of  September.

Narrator: "Look at the (bodies) of the useless Boko Haram."
"So far I've counted 800+"
This statement was acknowledged by another spectator from the background. He says: "this is the hand work of Nigerian soldiers."
Narrator continues: "Look at this one. A very small boy."
"Look at you," he says talking to the corpse.
"So young. You're carrying a gun. How old are u?
"Clumsy lad"
Another spectator indicates: "they have charms."
The narrator dismisses the observation, saying: "useless charms."
"Are they potent?"
He resumes addressing the bodies: "keep on ingesting drugs and you'll continue to die miserably."
This is followed by a foul curse by another spectator as indistinct conversation in a dialect (perhaps Kanuri) is heard
A spectator asks: "among them all do you think there is any responsible person?"
Some women chat, speaking in other dialect.
A spectator sights another cadaver in the undergrowth and draws attention to it.
A spectator picks up a bullet lying by the body
The abdomen of the body is covered with leaves.
And the person who picks the shell of d bullet remarks: "this one was shot. And his body was burnt."
Abrupt FADE OUT.
Vid ends.