Sunday, 11 May 2014

The North’s Dependence On Oil Revenue Is Festering Terrorism

The ongoing national conference has been fraught with some very controversial issues one of which is the agitation for control of resources by the delegates from South-South Nigeria pitching them against their Northern compatriots. If the last resource control debate at the confab had lasted for 30 more minutes, insults and fisticuff would have ensued; such is the fervor with which such issues are debated. The northern delegates have never flinched while openly canvassing for their region in a manner that irks the South. There is a certain predisposition from the northern elders at the confab that some have described as arrogance. 

It appears they want to lord it over the Niger Deltans to control their God given resources. The self-acclaimed marginalised Nigerians from the south-south argue that the federal government, the oil majors and the Nigerian elite have grown fat and rich on the petrodollars from the oil producing region and it is being used to develop other parts of the country while neglecting the people from the Niger Delta to groan in the squalor of the pollution and environmental degradation of oil exploration activities.
In the most dishonest manner, northern leaders have taken a stand in the face of profoundly disturbing spate of bloodletting; they blame the poverty in the North on the 13 percent derivation of oil revenue given to the Niger Delta states.

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