Sunday, 11 May 2014

Olisa Adibua on Why He's Still Not Married at almost 50!

Entertainment top shot, Olisa Adibua, is still a bachelor at almost 50. The fun loving director at Beat FM explained the reason for that in an exclusive interview with YES INTERNATIONAL!
  • When will Olisa Adibua get married or why doesn’t Olisa Adibua want to get married?
Well, unfortunately, my problem is that I’ve been married to my work for a long time. So, I’ve gotten used to a certain routine. My day starts at 5am, it ends around 10,11pm. So, if I had married now, whoever she is, even if it was Mother Theresa, she should have left me by now.
  • Does that mean that you are not going to get married because of your work routine?
I will do eventually! But I just have to find a way to structure it and to make sure that I have a personal and private life as well. 

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