Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Don't Need S*x Toy, Naija Men Can Satisfy Me –Actress Chika

Chika Agatha is one of the rough babes in Nollywood today who is bold, beautiful and has the gust to play just any role in a movie, including pulling everything, provided the director is a professional who knows his job.

In a recent interview you said don’t believe in love, why?
I have come to understand that love means different things in Nigeria. Different things make people fall in love. It could be money, it could be séx, it could be for companionship, it could be for whatever reasons of which some are not really acceptable to me. The only people who have really shown me what love is, are my parents especially, my dad. If it’s the way Nigerians have reduced love to buying chocolate and ice cream, I guess everybody is in love then.

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