Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fake Prophet Has Turned My Husband Against Me ––Wife Cries

Please I need prayers and advise people of God, help me. A false prophet is trying to scatter my home. How he came into my family - at first we thought he was a real man of God and my husband gave him some plots of land in our compound which he used in setting up his church premises.
Ever since then, he has brainwashed my husband to believe every single thing he says. My husband now believes in him more than me his wife. He has sown a seed of discord in my family, he has taken the position of a wife to my husband. 
He has been telling my husband all sort of lies about me, that was when I knew he was fake. That I sleep with men and all sort of stories. Since I was not initially in support of my husband giving him the land, he wants me out of my home by all means

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