Monday, 12 May 2014

33 year old Oyoma Edewor allegedly killed in Festac by the police

Friends of late Oyoma Edewor (pictured above) reached out to me to put the info out there that he was allegedly shot dead by a police sergeant attached to the Festac Command at the 3rd Gate check point inFestac, Lagos, on Saturday night May 10th. 

According to the story, 33 year old Oyoma, who was a Building Finishing Contractor, had a slight accident somewhere around Lekki, and instead of leaving the car there to obstruct traffic, he decided to get a towing van to take it to Festac where he lives. 

When police sighted the van towing Oyoma's SUV at the second junction, they asked them to stop, but for reasons best known to him, the driver of the towing van refused to stop. Oyoma who was in the car being towed was helpless as he could not have controlled the driver of the truck. The police then chased the vehicles to the next gate, 3rd Gate, where they dragged Oyoma out of his SUV and ordered him to seat on the ground. According to his friends, Oyoma told the police he wasn't an armed robber and tried to explain himself.

One thing led to another and Oyoma was shot dead by one of the 3 police officers named Sgt Otene. Sgt Otene, who was said to be intoxicated and off-duty has since been arrested, though Oyoma's friends claim the police are trying to change the story.

Continue to read how one of his best friends tells the story of what happened that night and a pic of the towing van and SUV and late Oyoma after the was shot dead

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