Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Doctors Remove Skipping Rope from Man’s Penis after Sex Game goes Wrong

 A Chinese man was left embarrassed when he was forced to seek help after a sex game went wrong. The 40 year-old man had inserted a jump rope into his privates for sexual pleasure but was unable to remove it when the rope became knotted and got stuck in his bladder.

When he was unable to pull out the rope and it became extremely painful to urinate, the man panicked and went to a hospital in Yichang, Hubei Province.

Doctors found a 1.1 meter long and 4.4 millimeter thick jumping rope in the man and had to perform an operation on him to remove the jump rope. According to doctors, the patient had forced all but four inches of the rope into his urethra. The unusual sex toy became stuck inside him and had to be surgically removed, as pulling it could have caused serious damage and infection.

Luckily, the procedure was successful, and the man is recovering and doing well, according to his surgeon.

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