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List Of Popular Nollywood Actresses Still Single [PHOTOS]

For some actresses in the Nollywood industry, they have remained single despite attaining marriageable ages due to some reasons best known to them. Some of them have remained single mothers, never married before, or divorced their husbands. 

Below are some of Nollywood single actresses 
Bimbo Akintola

Bimbo Akintola is an actress that is no doubt very beautiful and sexy. To say the crossover actress will be single at a little over 40 remains a mystery to some of her fans. She seems not to be bothered about not finding a man to call her husband as she recently said in an interview. 

She has not be linked to any marriage before now and there are reports now that she will soon get hooked to a man. Bimbo has acted in many movies and she is adored by movie buffs as a good role interpreter, but it seems love has not been fair to her. Some attribute her present single stature to heavy drinking and smoking habit.
Genevieve Nnaji

This is another actress that is very sexy and pretty that has not yet found a man to call her husband. Though her love life has been kept secret from the media and the public, one name that has recently popped up is that of the self acclaimed ‘Koko master’, D’Banj. The Imo State-born screen diva is a single-mother that doesn’t presently have someone to call her husband despite being 34 years old.
Rita Dominic

Another name that must be mentioned in this list is that of Rita Dominic. Apart from Bimbo Akintola, Rita can rightly be said to be the next oldest single screen diva. She is reportedly close to 40 years of age and with the way things are going, she may not end up to be someone’s wife in the nearest future. Rita is seen by many as a wife material, but it is amazing to some of her fans that she is still without a husband. She has been linked with Jim Iyke, Noble Igwe and few others in the past, but none of them has taken her to the altar for marriage.
Bisi Ibidapo Obe

This is another actress that is single, though she has a child, which she recently allegedly had for controversial activist, Dino Melaye, who has reportedly denied the child’s paternity. Bisi Ibidapo Obe is yet to be married and she has not been lucky with men. From the look of things, she is ripe for marriage and has the beauty a man would pray to have in a woman.

Ebube Nwagbo

Pretty and blessed with the necessary curves, Ebube Nwagbo may be described as the definition of beauty, but alas, she is single and not the Mrs of a Mr. The innocent-looking actress, though not with many scandals like some married actresses, was once alleged to have wrecked the young marriage of music artiste, KCee, who she once dated. 

The actress is among the eligible single Nollywood stars who have remained single. No doubt, many men are fighting hard to have her hand in marriage, but Ebube seems not to be interested in them, but only interested in concentrating on her jobs and selling her Posh Hair products.
Fathia Balogun

This sexy Yoruba movie star was once married to an actor, Saidi Balogun, and they had two children together as husband and wife, but she is now single. Her marriage crashed like a pack of badly arranged cards few years back and she has remained single since then. 

The over 40 years old actress is a sought-after, but her career seems to be her major priority for now. Some are even speculating that she might reconcile with her ex-husband soon based on the retention of ‘Balogun’ in her name. She has remained single for some years now, and many are wondering why she has not yet decided to move on into the arms of another man. Only Fathia knows why she is saying ‘no’ to men who are coming to her, possibly for marriage.
Kate Henshaw

To say Kate Henshaw has not been lucky with relationship may be stating the obvious. Her relationship with a popular gospel artiste in Nigeria ended badly. It was even alleged that she then suffered domestic violence from the hands of the ‘minister’ of the gospel. Her marriage to her ex-British husband ended few years ago. Since then, the tall and dark screen diva has chosen to remain a single mother.
Ayo Adesanya

Ayo Adesanya, like some of her colleagues, used to be married, but she is presently single after her union to Goriola Hassan crashed. Close friends of the actress are not even certain if she will remarry anytime soon. Ayo Adesanya is a woman a man would pray to have as wife. She is pretty and presentable as ‘mama’, but why she is not yet married remains a mystery to some of her fans.
Clarion Chukwura

To put up a list like this and never mention Clarion Chukwura’s name would be like listing the best football clubs in the world without mentioning Real Madrid. In fact, she should have opened the floor of single Nollywood actresses. Clarion is a single mother who is over due to be a man’s wife, but that is not the case at the moment.

She is the mother of popular music video director, Clarence Peters, who she bore for another popular figure, Sir Shina Peters (SSP). Clarion is still single and is probably happy with that. She has been alleged to have warmed the beds of younger lovers. She still has that beauty that could make a man get a hard on.

Source: First Weekly Magazine

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