Saturday, 31 August 2013

'What made your man leave?' - Ali Baba gives relationship advise

The comedian took to his Facebook page yesterday to dish out relationship advice to women. Find it below.. 
Sometime back, in March, I was advising a babe on how to make a man stay. Some comments posted in reply to my status were that men are only controlled by their third legs, money, yansh, boobs, beauty and ego. I tried to highlight a very serious point that babes were missing. 
And that is, everyman wants better. We do not want to feel the one we let go was better.
Not too long ago, I read some wild and wide criticism that greeted what Stella Damasus wrote about keeping a man. To some, wrong as they were, Stella had no business telling anyone how to keep a man. I believe she does. I actually think she knows more than she revealed.

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